Old Forgotten Ways so many old wayshave been forgottenscattered in the dustof ages past the artistry and skillsof early peoplesthat have been lost forever mankind has chosenthe easy waysthe quickest ways blessings to thosewho have preservedand still usethe old forgotten ways ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

The Comfort Of Age there is a special comfortalways found in an old pair of shoeswell broken inleather softened by timeit's the same for old t-shirtsthe ones that you will never throw awayeven through they may be ripped and torn it seems like most thingswere made better in years pastbut progress demanded speed and increasedcheaper... Continue Reading →

Aging Gracefully ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet Is it even possible to age gracefully?When you are in constant chronic pain?You just want pain relief,not a how to video on aging gracefully.Not everyday is a bad day,but most are.That's the difficult part for people to understand.We can't control our pain,our pain controls us.We each make... Continue Reading →

One more Day

A lovely poem from my friend Michael. Please visit his blog at afterwards.blog. He’s a man of many talents!


As time draws near and daylight fades and night knocks on my door

To take my hand and lead away to far and distant shore

I know that I shall want one more, and beg that I may stay

to spend with you from waking hours until the end of day

To see you smile and hear your voice and watch you as you sleep

and laugh and love and cry and drink of all you are quite deep

and so to sunset one last time I hold you in my arms

and lovers promises I make and swear I’ll never harm

And in those moments faces lined and eyes still burning bright

I kiss your lips and say farewell and head into the night

without regret without remorse and love without relent

and thank you for your years and love and faith and life well spent

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