Demon Road Deep in the dark woodsAnd in the bowels of the internetThere is a roadA road they callDemon RoadIt is said that it you travel this roadYou will be offered temptationsThat will turn you to the dark sideAnd draw you deeper into evilLegend has it that at the end of the roadYou'll find the... Continue Reading →

Someday Soon Our lives are filledwith “Someday Soons” Someday soonI'll start eating healthierI'll go through old clothesI'll fix that leaky faucetSomedays come andsomedays goBut soon I'll publishA book of my poetryI'll submit my poemsto journals and magazinesI'll do more walkingAnd exercise more All of these somedaysWill come Someday Soon~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2020 All Rights... Continue Reading →

The In-Between Time The bells are ringingUp on the mountainThe eagles are flying higherThe signs are all aroundChange is comingIt won't be long nowYou can feel it in the airWe're enteringThe In-Between TimeIn between Summer and FallThe animals are busierGathering foodTo be stored for the winterwood is being cut and stackedFor heat for the coming... Continue Reading →

I Love Writing Poetry I love writing poetryPoetry can be writtenAnytime, anywhereWords are everywhereWaiting to be put togetherChanged and alteredTo write new meanings andNew imageryWaking upIn the middle of the nightAnd making notes of imagesPossible lines and titlesHandwriting the poemReviewing itFor spelling and grammarReading it out loudLetting it brew for a timeFinal check and any... Continue Reading →

Seventeen Years Seventeen years ago todayWe were marriedAnd I am even more in love with youStill amazed how lucky I amTo have youSeventeen yearsAnd you are still the oneSeventeen years of lovingLiving, Laughing, CryingUps and downsIns and outsAnd round aboutsSeventeen yearsOf learningAdjustingCompromisingProtecting each otherCaring for each otherSinging, dancing and romancingSeventeen years of loving each otherYou... Continue Reading →

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