Inside Us All

There is a Desire

A Need

A Want

Inside us all

Once we find what

Is truly inside us

We find Peace



It’s all there

Inside Us All

©Walt Page 2018

Inside Us All ~ Creed

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The Greatest Gift

The greatest gift anyone can give
Is the gift of themselves

The gift of love that two people share
Is a magical gift
One of destiny
Loyalty, trust, passion
And the gift of themselves
To each other

You cannot change yesterday.
You can only make the most of today
And look with hope toward tomorrow

Peace is found not in what surrounds you
But in what you hold within

©Walt Page 2018

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The Loneliness Of The Lonely

What is it like to feel lonely?
To be lonely?
To feel lost… alone… unwanted?
You may think you know
But you don’t

How can you be surrounded by people
Yet nobody sees you
Talks to you… smiles at you…

How can anyone live like this?
Why even go on living this way?

I’ve found so many lonely souls here
Searching for answers
Wanting someone to talk to
Someone to listen to their pain
Someone to help

I’ve tried to help
But I can’t do it alone

Will you be their answer?
Their saving grace?
Will you step up and help them?
Lead them out of their loneliness?

Or will you turn your back
And walk away?

It’s so easy to help
Just listen to them
Talk with them
Be a friend

Be the difference in their life
Just be there

Make it happen
Do it now!

©Walt Page 2018

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I Ask Myself Why

More and more each day
I ask myself why
Why all the killing
All the hatred
The name calling
The bullying

Why have we lost our values
Our faith
Our respect for others
Our respect for life

Why do we elect the ones we do
Why do we let this continue
Why don’t we protest
Like we did in the 60s

Why do we worry about terrorism
When the real threat is ourselves
Why do we continue to look the other way
Why do we keep quiet
When there’s so much to say

Why do we let this evil continue
Why aren’t songwriters
Writing more protest songs
Why can’t we remember
What’s right and what’s wrong

Why aren’t we doing
What needs to be done
Why are we more concerned
With a wall on our border with Mexico
And Jennifer Aniston’s breakup
Than we are about the safety of our schools

So many whys
With so few answers
More and more each day
I ask myself why

The answer my friend is blowing in the wind”

©Walt Page 2018

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Valentine’s Day 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day
Ash Wednesday too
This is a quandary
What shall we do?

Better be careful
What you give up for Lent
Your husband bought chocolates
With his money well spent

The Church has decided
When Easter will fall
Based on some full moon
Makes no sense at all

So don’t give up chocolate
Or candy at all
Tell your husband you love him
He’ll feel ten feet tall

©Walt Page 2018

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Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid


Hurtful words

Spoken in anger
poken in haste
Spoken in sarcasm
Words that weren’t meant

When these words have been spoken
The damage has already been done
These words can be forgiven
But they will never be forgotten

Before you speak, remember this…

Some things are better
Left unsaid

©Walt Page 2018

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Looking Back On Life

The older you get, it comes more often
You realize you’re not as strong
Not as limber as you used to be
And you start wondering how much life is left

You spend more time looking back
Remembering good times and bad
People you influenced and who influenced you
People you loved and people you hated

Your triumphs, your failures
People who hurt you and people you hurt
Losses you’ve suffered… the good that you’ve done
Trips you have taken, places you’ve been

You read about people your age that die
It bothers you but yet you know
There is longevity in your family
Your Mom lived 88 years, 91 for your Dad

You know you’ve had a good life
Death doesn’t scare you
But you worry about your family
How they will deal with losing you

Your worry is pointless because you know
You have many more years of life
So don’t fear the reaper, go rest your head
Whatever will be will be

Que Sera Sera

©Walt Page 2018

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My Writing Is More Than Words

As writers, we all use words as building blocks
Put together in sentences

My writing is more than just words
The words come from my heart
The writing comes from love
So much more than just words

When I hear the sounds of the night
The wind through the trees
The laughter of my grandsons
I start putting them to words

Words that describe how they make me feel
About love and life
Good times and bad
I write what I feel

Anyone can put words on paper
But can anyone create images with those words?
Memories in your own mind?

I write from almost 74 years of life
Ups and downs
Around and around
My words are my life

When you sit down to write
Let your mind fly free
Let the memories caress you
Like mine have with me

So open your mind
Let your fantasies unwind
They are more than mere words
If you just take the time

Whether your thoughts or mine
We’re all much the same
So write down your words
And your memory will remain

©Walt Page 2018

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