Deep In The Blue

Deep in the ocean
Deep in your eyes
I am deep in the Blue


Filled with mystery
Magical magnificence
Gently swaying with the motion

I am here waiting
For you
Only you

Join me in my world
Deep in the Blue

©Walt Page 2017


The Wisdom In The Silence

There is wisdom in the silence
And peace in the breeze
The quietness of the evening surrounds me
And I listen for the night songs to begin

If you stay quiet, you can hear them
Playing softly in your head
They are carried on the evening breeze
To soothe your weary soul

As I walk along the shore, my troubles melt away
The moon is bright, the air is sweet
The jasmine blooms at night here
The air is filled with scented dreams

The evening becomes a dream world
My heart is filled with love
My mind is so much clearer now
Listening to the wisdom in the silence

©Walt Page 2017

Inspired By A Mountain Stream

I find true peace by a mountain stream
A place where I can sit and dream
As the water flows over moss covered rocks
My poems come easy as my mind unlocks

The sound of rushing water pours blessings on my soul
The water is so clear and cold, dare I dip my toes?
The peace I feel while sitting here
Is a feeling held so dear

My notebook starts to fill with words
Inspired by the singing of the birds
The sunlight shining through the trees
Is sent from Heaven to inspire me

As I sit on the bank and start to write
My eyes behold a beautiful sight
The Angel Of The Forest appears to me and says

Your poetry is lovely, I love the things I’ve read
This mountain stream has planted words inside your mind
And you’ve written them so beautifully for everyone to find
I hope your poetry inspires others to find a mountain stream
Where they can sit and put on paper their own unwritten dreams
I’m the Angel Of The Forest and I am not a dream
Take my hand and walk with me
Along this mountain stream”

©Walt Page 2017

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