The Girl With The Butterfly Eyes It was a beauty I had never seen beforefluttering slowly before meher eyes were beautifuland pierced my soul I had heard the legendfrom the villagersbut had found ithard to believe until now her eyes had a hypnotic effectand I knew I was falling in loveI felt myself being wrapped... Continue Reading →

Nothing Feels Right There's something going onwith the universe tonightnothing look s the samenothing feels right everything seems upside downit's dark where it should be lightand light where it should be dark everyone is standing stilllike they've been frozen in timeI feel dizzy, like I'm walking in a fogstars are shooting throughout the sky maybe... Continue Reading →

You Are Somebody's Light When your world seems filled with darknessRemember...You are somebody's light when there's darkness within and withoutthere's also a lightdon't let it go out there's always a lightyou may not always seebut it's always there you are somebody's lightdon't let it go out ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

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