I Am Blessed I am truly blessedI have a beautiful loving wifethree sonstwo lovely daughters-in-lawand three terrific grandsons a home for shelterand food to eatmy health is pretty goodmy heart is strongand my COPD is under control I have 9 dogs and a palomino quarter horseall who love me unconditionallythe dogs can sense when I'm... Continue Reading →

Sometimes When It Rains Sometimes when it rainsshe loves to go walkingsnuggled insideher warm rain jacket Walking in the rainis a sanctuary for hera time when she cancreate her poetry it is her time aloneto be inspiredshe loves being with her familyand she loves creating her poetry those of us who follow her poetryare blessed... Continue Reading →

Time Floats On time floats onnever stoppingnever standing stillnever waiting time is continuousit is everywhere and nowherethere is nothing magicalabout time, it just is it is mysteriousit has no beginning, no endit is powerfulhow we use it is up to us time can never be controlledyet it controls us ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2020 All... Continue Reading →

Walking In The Wind there is something specialabout walking in the windit is refreshing... rejuvenating...everything looks differentfeels different, is different on a windy daythe sound of the windblowing through the treescreates its own melodythe fallen leaves rustleas you walk through themthe air is coolera sign of the winter weather to come just walking alongremembering childhood... Continue Reading →

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