The Truth Of The Heart

In the twilight mist of early evening
Comes the tenderness of Ladyhawke
Softly caressing my soul with her beauty
And whispering words of love

In the twilight mists of the evening
She fills my heart with gladness
As we enjoy the beauty of our love
At peace with being One

In the twilight world of Poets and Ladyhawks
The Darkness brings the Light
The Truth of the Heart is renewed
And there is Love

©Walt Page 2018

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Take The Time To Enjoy A Sunset

There is no greater love than
that of two people at sunset,
caressed by the soft country breezes
while they are calmed by the sound
of nickering horses at feeding time

There is no greater love than
that shared by those who love the country
and the beauty and power of nature

Take the time to listen to the songs
of the animals

Take the time to let the
beauty of the countryside at sunset
caress your soul

Take the time
for there is no greater love

©Walt Page 2017
Photo of our Palomino Paint Quarter Horse, Teaka

Night Sky

The night sky is filled
With pinpoints of light
Thousands of stars
All light years away

The night sky brings romance
Mystery and intrigue
So many stories, poems and songs
So many rights, too many wrongs

Only the night sky understands
The loneliness it can bring
From unfulfilled wishes
Made on a shooting star

But the night sky is also a haven for love
Where dreams can come true, as they often do
So never stop dreaming or hoping for more
The night sky can help if you let your mind soar

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved


The Twilight Mists

In the twilight mists I see her
Walking through the fields of my memories
She is there watching… waiting
Standing near the river of dreams

Reflections of her beauty
Fill the cool night air
The fire in her eyes
Lights the fires in my soul

The rhythm of my heart
Keeps a steady, comforting beat
Will I discover her treasures?
Or remain in the solitude of my loneliness

As the twilight turns to dusk
And the mists start to thicken
She slowly disappears
And I am alone in my dream

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved


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