Take The Time To Enjoy A Sunset

There is no greater love than that of two people at sunset, caressed by the soft country breezes while they are calmed by the sound of nickering horses at feeding time There is no greater love than that shared by those who love the country and the beauty and power of nature Take the time... Continue Reading →

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Night Sky

The night sky is filled With pinpoints of light Thousands of stars All light years away The night sky brings romance Mystery and intrigue So many stories, poems and songs So many rights, too many wrongs Only the night sky understands The loneliness it can bring From unfulfilled wishes Made on a shooting star But... Continue Reading →

The Twilight Mists

In the twilight mists I see her Walking through the fields of my memories She is there watching... waiting Standing near the river of dreams Reflections of her beauty Fill the cool night air The fire in her eyes Lights the fires in my soul The rhythm of my heart Keeps a steady, comforting beat... Continue Reading →

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