Yesterday’s Tears

Yesterday I cried Will my tears Make a difference Or will it all Remain the same Were the tears I cried From my heart Or were they hidden In the corners of my soul The elders say that yesterday's tears Become tomorrow's memories So Que Sera, Sera Whatever will be, will be For the past... Continue Reading →

Tears in the Rain

I am honored to have another of my poems published today in Vita Brevis! Thanks to Brian Geiger, Editor.

Vita Brevis Press

CaptureSubmitted by Walt Page: The Tennesee Poet

Softly falling rain
Trickles down your face

The bright glow of lightning
Lights a summer night

The soft moans of the wind through the leaves
The sky is shedding tears

Raindrops splashing all around you
Puddles everywhere

The beauty of a summer storm
Surrounds you with renewal

If you look closely you can see
Tears in the rain

The storm passes quickly
The air is sweet

The memories of yesterday
Become the hopes of tomorrow

The sadness will pass
Like tears in the rain

About the Poet

I’m just a romantic old rock & roll drummer, US Air Force veteran, and open heart surgery survivor, living the country life in Tennessee and writing my thoughts on love, life, music, and whatever comes to mind. Owner of two horses and 8 rescue dogs

Painting: Morning on the Seine in the Rain – Claude Monet

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