Deep In The Blue

Deep in the ocean
Deep in your eyes
I am deep in the Blue


Filled with mystery
Magical magnificence
Gently swaying with the motion

I am here waiting
For you
Only you

Join me in my world
Deep in the Blue

©Walt Page 2017


Follow Me

Follow me
Let me guide you and protect you
Let me help you learn the way
Let me show you the magic

Follow me
Take the power and set yourself free
Learn to trust
Learn to be confident

Look within yourself and
Follow me

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

Inspired by the song Follow Me by Uncle Kracker

Follow me, everything is all right,,
I’ll be the one to tuck you in at night,
And if you want to leave I can guarantee
You won’t find nobody else like me,

The Warmth Of Your Surrender

As we begin to make love in the dark
I can feel the steady beat of your heart
The love that we share is sweetness and light
The warmth of your surrender is complete tonight

You’ve surrendered your mind, your body and soul
A gift that you’ve given to me to hold
To love you and lead you in so many ways
Keeping me warm for all of my days

In return for the trust you have given to me
My vow to you is as clear as can be
I will honor the precious gift that you give
And love and protect you as long as I live

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

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