Wherever You Are I Will Be There

Wherever you are
I will be there
You will feel me
On the breeze

I will be the soft kiss
On the back of your neck
The warmth you feel
As my spirit surrounds you

I will be with you in the sunlight
When you close your eyes in the moonlight
You will see me
Smiling at you

The time has come
What’s done is done
Don’t ask why
Don’t ask how

Just whisper my name
And I will be there with you

Wherever you are

©Walt Page 2018

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My Writing Is More Than Words

As writers, we all use words as building blocks
Put together in sentences

My writing is more than just words
The words come from my heart
The writing comes from love
So much more than just words

When I hear the sounds of the night
The wind through the trees
The laughter of my grandsons
I start putting them to words

Words that describe how they make me feel
About love and life
Good times and bad
I write what I feel

Anyone can put words on paper
But can anyone create images with those words?
Memories in your own mind?

I write from almost 74 years of life
Ups and downs
Around and around
My words are my life

When you sit down to write
Let your mind fly free
Let the memories caress you
Like mine have with me

So open your mind
Let your fantasies unwind
They are more than mere words
If you just take the time

Whether your thoughts or mine
We’re all much the same
So write down your words
And your memory will remain

©Walt Page 2018

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The Spirit In The Mirror

Every time I look in a mirror
This old man is looking back
If I turn my head to my left
He turns his to his right

If I smile, he smiles
If I frown, he frowns
What is it about you?”
I say to myself

I’m everything you are”
Said the man from the glass
I’m everything you do
And everything you’ve done

I’m the music in your heart
The words in your head
The victories and losses
Of so many years

I’m your hopes and your dreams
The kindness you show to others each day
You know who I am, you made me this way
I’m the Spirit in the mirror who won’t go away

No matter how often you walk away
I’ll still be here watching and waiting for you
I’m the Spirit in the mirror
Who watches over you.”

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

‘Twas The Night Of The Spirits

Goblins and ghosts, raptors and queens
A night full of wonder, a night filled with screams
Cemetery headstones rattle and shake
Bats fly low seeking victims to take

Children in costumes yell “Trick or Treat”
It’s candy they seek, chewy and sweet
It’s a mother’s nightmare, a dentist’s delight
But the children are happy, it’s been a good night

As the darkness grows darker the moon disappears
The children can sense that evil is near
The Halloween legends add to their fear
Michael Myers is dead but he used to live here

Porch lights have been turned off, shades have been drawn
The last of the trick and treaters have gone
The ghosts and the goblins played until dawn
But the sun has now risen and they too are gone

‘Twas the night of the spirits
We call Halloween

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

The Spirit Of An Angel

Listen… Can you hear it?
Can you feel her presence?
Can you feel her angel spirit
Gently washing over you?

Each night in my heart
I feel the spirit of my angel
Bringing me strength
And renewal

The spirit of my angel
Protects me and I sleep
The spirit of my angel
Is with me always

The spirit of my angel is you

Let the spirit of an angel
Guide and watch over you
As you travel through your heart

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

A Peaceful Harbor

There are moments in our lives
When we all need a peaceful harbor
When the realities of our lives
Become overwhelming

My wish for you all is to be at peace
To take the time you need for yourselves
To enjoy the images my words may create for you
And to know that you are important to me

My hope is that my poetry
Will become your peaceful harbor
Bringing you a quiet calmness
And renewing your spirit

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

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