Save Our Children – A Double Sedoka

Death is everywhere No place is safe anymore Our children are being shot Stop all the madness We've done nothing for too long The time has come to end this No more loss of life It's time to end this killing Too much death, too much sadness Now's the time to act Save our children,... Continue Reading →


Our Highland Acres Ranch (A Double Sedoka)

Highland Acres Ranch Home to our dogs and horses Comfort for all of our souls Life in the country Where I write my poetry I think I'll stay here awhile We have rescue dogs Nine of them to be exact Eight are females, one is male He weighs just ten pounds But he thinks he's... Continue Reading →

Sprinkled With Love

#Sedoka #September Prompt Your heart is calling Reminding me of your love The love we have shared for years Through good times and bad Our love has carried us through Our souls are sprinkled with love Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved Word prompt :  Sprinkled With Love – Join in with Michelle, from Putting My Feet... Continue Reading →

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