A Gentle Breeze

My love is like A gentle breeze That carries my love My hopes My dreams My hidden desires Let it surround you As it caresses your mind Embracing you Taking you Making you mine Drift with me On a gentle breeze ~The Tennessee Poet~ ©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


Just You And Me

Here we are Just you and me Walking hand in hand Traveling through this land Doing the best we can Troubles come and troubles go We go fast and we go slow We are the ones that nobody knows But that's OK 'Cause it's only a show Nothing is real Not you, not me Monkeys... Continue Reading →

For All Of These And More

For being the reason For laughing For dancing Hot and heavy romancing For dreaming And scheming For giving me meaning For caring And sharing The life that we're living For long, sexy kisses And falling star wishes That all have come true Since I've been with you For candy cane mornings And heavy snow warnings... Continue Reading →

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