Why I write poetry? – Guest Post by Robbie Cheadle…

A great post by Robbie Cheadle on why she writes poetry, plus two very moving poems!

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Writing poetry, for me, is an escape valve that I use to download my thoughts about situations and circumstances that cause me great stress and turbulent emotion. I have never been a person who wrote poems about beautiful things and nature, although I enjoy reading this type of poetry myself as I find it soothing.

My poetry is usually an outpouring of emotion, often fueled by my own inability to find a solution or remedy to a given situation. I express myself in words to release my anguish and I find it does work well for me.

Open a new door, the book of poems I wrote with fellow poet, Kim Blades, includes a lot of poems about poverty, corruption and the frustration and pain of life for many people living in Southern Africa. Kim’s poetry is like mine in this respect, although nature conservation and the threats posed by…

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I Wait – #poetry

A beautiful poem by my dear friend Dorinda Duclos at Night Owl Poetry 😊❤

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

I wait upon the edge of time
Oceans carrying my thoughts
Beyond the places in my mind
Casting away memories
Written once, in rhyme

I wait upon the winds that blow
Lofting away with the clouds
And catch the colors as they flow
Lazily, ever lingering
In the moonlit glow

I wait upon the lilac skies
Surrounding, floating freely
And I shall wait forever more
Like the waves upon the sea
Calm against the sandy shore
While time still passes by me

©2015 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay

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Hold Me Like a Poetry Book

A wonderfuly uniquel love poem.

Poems and more from Richard Archer

She said. “Hold me as tenderly as
you hold that poetry book.
Let your ink stained fingers
trace my lines, as you
say my name like you
have a poem on your lips.”

So I set aside my poetry book
and took her gently in my hands.
Then I looked into her eyes and
discovered her poetry,
reading it again and again,
unable to put her down.

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No archaic promises here. Poetry from the pen of ~The Poet’s Poet~

A wonderful poem from the magical pen of Chris Black, The Poet’s Poet!

Today from the Man Shed

This poem waltzed its way onto the page


stepped poems which were not so eager

movement was swift, in an elegant way

at all like those other poems.

had Gucci label stamped all over it

those other poems were knapsack poems

an ordinary day why of course they would fit the bill

for today it had to be dickie bow and

poem had structure written all over it

discussion of second and consequent drafts

given a thought

– not an issue

poem had made the final cut.

it didn’t fit the poets bill of fare

today’s poem

one and all, we’ll have to make do with this poem.

Black. 14th April 2019

#amwriting #National #Poetry #Month #30Days #30Poems

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Overtaxing the brain. Poetry from the pen of

A Poet’s truth by Chris Black, The Poet’s Poet!

Today from the Man Shed

~The Poet’s Poet~

has poems scribbled on paper of every hue

Poems he’d written, nay, scratched on foolscap margins

he’d typed and printed then put on the back burner

poems, short poems, even stupid poems

the poems did not know that

again who knows?

monsters come to haunt him in the dark of night.

he awakens to the fresh scent of dawn

thoughts now long gone leave him blank faced

speaks to no one but himself, the loudest response his echo

the kitchen wearily scratching his head

is in her element humming away to herself

dough for early morning bake.

Chris Black. March 2019


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Announcement – Free Book Promotion

Miriam Hurdle announces her free book promotion from March 5-March 9 for her new book, “Songs Of Heartstrings” 😊

The Showers of Blessings

Hi, my friends,

I’ll be running a FREE book promotion on Amazon for 5 days next week. Here is the information. The promotion starts on Tuesday, March 5 at 12:01 a.m. PST.

I will make a post on Monday as a reminder and request that you spread the news for me. I’d be delighted for you to have a copy of my book if you don’t already have one.


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Nostalgia By Sakshi

A wonderful nostalgic poem..

The Floating Thoughts



By Sakshi Gangwani

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Those were the days

When smiles

Were just meant to be Smiles

No other meanings implied

When friends

Always stood behind

With no hidden agendas on mind

Those were the days

When love was

About meeting eyes

And secret sighs

Expression was about

Chocolates, roses

And letters unidentified

When on top of

the priority list

Was that one glimpse

And the entire day

was spent happy high

Those were the days

When life was simplified

Laughter was amplified

And dreams were magnified

Those were the days……..

By Sakshi

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Two Worlds By Sakshi

Bawra Dil! By Roy

Internal Conflict By Dee Kay



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