Hugging You When I first met youI was aloneI had lost the music You took all my lonely daysyou took my heartyou made them sing Now I just want to be hugging you We've had our upsand had our downsbut you brought the music back Now I want to be counting stars with you You... Continue Reading →

Even If It Takes Forever she sitswaitingwatchingwanting himhe said he wouldreturnthat he wouldcome back for herso she sitsand waitsshe worriesthat something is wrongthat somethingmust have happenedit's been so longbut she loves himso she will waiteven if it takes forevershe will wait ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

The Box Of Light Earlier today, the box of Darknessthat has plagued our countrywas put on a planeand shipped to Florida But also today,a box of Hope and Lighthas been openedin our Nation's Capital May God Bless President Bidenand Vice President Harrisand May God BlessThe United States Of America ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2021 All... Continue Reading →

By The River He sits alonestaring outoverthe river hisdreamsrevolve aroundthe river he has beena steamship captainsailing the riverto distant lands he has fishedalong the riverbringing foodto his family he has beena barge captainbringing suppliesto towns along the river he loves justsitting herewatchingthe river using the powersof his young mindto livehis dreams ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page... Continue Reading →

God Whispered Your Name from this dayuntil forevereverything I haveis yours you arethe only thingworth fighting foranytime and anywhere in the stillnessI heard a voiceand Godwhispered your name we have a lovelike no otherand I'm so gladthere is you you were meantfor mein my mindyou are the best part of me you aremy guiding lightbetween... Continue Reading →

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