The Joy Of This Longing

It's all I think about An overwhelming need Filling me with joy At the very thought of it Sometimes it's too much Often I feel like it's not enough Seeing you Hearing your voice Needing you like no other I feel a joy that consumes me And I know what to do I've known all... Continue Reading →

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There is no shelter.

Same Train, Different Track

There is no shelter
Where they can lay their weary head
A concrete step, that is their nightly bed
Winter winds whipping beneath the bridge
Vermin a plenty scuttling along its ridge.

There is no shelter
As they struggles with the task in hand
Fighting those demons, a life not planned
Not a bridge of dreams but nightmares
They speak, yet no one gives a damn, no one cares
Rising, lying, twisting, turning
Head throbbing, stomach churning
Drenched through, lonely to their core
Weary of the approach of dawn, what lies in store?

There is no shelter
From the anguish of the night
The fusion of past and present, nothing to delight
Crumbling hovels, thoughts of resentment
Fear, weariness, falling down, dark thoughts ever present
A grieving heart weighed down by betrayal
No longer capable of grief.

There is no shelter
A voice in the wilderness. Now silent.
(c) Chris…

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Charmed Chaos

The gurgling croaks of the raven’s cry
bounces off granite mausoleums
weeping for all the dark lost souls

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The House on Grayson Place ~ #poetry

Night Owl Poetry - Dorinda Duclos

Hurry up, she’d always say

Having all the time in the world

Speaking curtly to everyone

She watched, as they unfurled

Making sure the laundry was folded

And the beds, all properly made

Vacuuming carpets completely

Ne’er forgetting to dust the lampshade

She held them all accountable

They’d cower, at the look on her face

Making sure they were tormented

In this house on Grayson Place

Stories are still told about her

How nasty she was to her staff

Yet, no one really knew of her existence

She’s just a woman, in a photograph

©2018 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved
Photo via Pixabay CC0

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I’m Yours

Only you Until time ends Until my pen runs out of rhymes I'll be here By your side Even if the stars fall from the sky You've got a hold on me When God made you He was thinking of me I can feel the magic An exchange of hearts I close my eyes And... Continue Reading →

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Soulana, Sister Land To Everdream

It's a magical place that I visit As I sit alone in the dark A place of mystery and night songs Where I go to quiet my heart It's doesn't matter if I write For that's not why I've come Soulana is my quiet place To visit when day is done But the music of... Continue Reading →

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Return – #InspirationalPoetry

A beautiful poem by my friend Morgan at Please enjoy her work. 😊




I Walk in Starlight

I Dance in Moonbeams

I Sing with the Whispering Owl

I Wander with the Coursing Heavens

I Hold Your Mystery in my Heart

I Listen to the Song of the Wind

I Hope in the Mighty Sunrise

I Give of Myself Everyday

I Reach for the Grasping Hand

I Touch the Lonely Heart

I Cry with the Grieving Stranger

I Mourn the Loss of Life

I Remember Sweet Harmony

I Pray for Its Beauteous Return


Beautiful Image found at: thekashmirweave.wordpress  Credit Acknowledged to the Original Artist.  Thank You!

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What The Hell?

Sometimes in life there are moments When all we can say is “What the hell?” It's a simple phrase With many different uses And perfect times to say it “What the hell do I do now?” “I don't know what the hell to do” “What the hell is wrong with you?” Teens are posting videos... Continue Reading →

Darkness Is Rising… Be Afraid

Maybe it was the pain The constant aching That was changing me into something evil I wasn't sleeping well The voices kept me awake Whispering, so that I couldn't quite hear them It was driving me crazy What were they saying? What did they want? What was happening to me? I didn't like what I... Continue Reading →

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