Heaven Knows Heaven knows how much I love youHow much I careHow much you mean to meHow I would do anything for you Heaven knows I don't deserve youBut you listen to your heart Heaven knows the stress and worryI have put you throughBut heaven also knowsNo one else could love you more ~The Tennessee... Continue Reading →

Love Me Tonight The moon is fullA soft breeze blowsTake my handWalk with meLove me tonight I love you so muchI need your sweet touchTake my handDance with me my loveLove me tonight I am yours for all timeAll I do is for youYou own my heartAnd have from the startTake my handLove me tonight... Continue Reading →

Your Love Is My Fire I've never felt this way beforeI've never been so sure of my feelingsI've never loved like thisMy mind is filledWith thoughts of youNo matter where I amOr what I'm doingThoughts of you igniteMy fantasiesStarting as an emberThen becoming a flameBurning your imageInto my mindI can't stopThinking about youYour love is... Continue Reading →

Poetic Locations A rainbow formed over my poetic chateaus.It was a beautiful afterglow.I owned one in Mexico, Idaho, Ohio,Buffalo, Tokyo, Ontario and one inAcapulco. Each grew tobacco and tomatoes andwas built on a volcano. The rooms werebrown where we trained the clowns andstored the crown. Clown suits were allhand me downs and hung upside down.... Continue Reading →

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