Darkness Is Rising… Be Afraid

Maybe it was the pain The constant aching That was changing me into something evil I wasn't sleeping well The voices kept me awake Whispering, so that I couldn't quite hear them It was driving me crazy What were they saying? What did they want? What was happening to me? I didn't like what I... Continue Reading →

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The Grim Reaper Came Today

My life ended today There was no pain Just a sudden darkness No sound, just a great nothingness I had no fear I just wondered, “Now what”? It was odd to me My life hadn't flashed before me There was no warning sign Nothing Just a realization That I was dead As the darkness subsided... Continue Reading →

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#Elfje: Hopeful

Windy Storms coming Maybe they'll help Wash away my pain Hopefully ©Walt Page 2017

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My Thoughts On The Opioid Epidemic And Why They Should Matter

My thoughts and why they should matter

Walk With Me

Walk with me Through the images created in my mind Help me choose the words That may or may not rhyme Feel the pain that has become My reality Walk with me Help the words come more easily Walk with me Whisper words of passion in my ear Tell me that writing Is why I... Continue Reading →

Maybe It’s Time

As I sit alone and wonder I hear the distant sound of thunder A storm is brewing, following a line And I say to myself, “Maybe it's time” Have I done enough? Have I been good enough? Have I expected too much? Has my pain become my crutch? All of you are like family to... Continue Reading →

Update On My Medical Expenses

  I'm reposting this today, since my first medical bills have started to arrive. It's been 3 weeks since my surgery and bills so far amount to over $700. We've only raised $150 and we are grateful for that. My wife Susan has been on family medical leave without pay, so we have no income for... Continue Reading →

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