The Lost Waves

My waves are lost Part of millions in the ocean I'm just going through the motions Causing a commotion In a world of locomotion Searching for devotion From a bottle of magic potion Or some silky smooth hand lotion But I still can't find My waves on the ocean ~The Tennessee Poet~ ©Walt Page 2018... Continue Reading →


The Legend Of Oceanspirit

There is a legend about a man A man whose spirit roamed the oceans A man of truth and honor A man of many worlds He was born of the oceans Leaping with the dolphins And soaring with the eagles The legend tells of he who had The spirit of the eagle |And the gentle... Continue Reading →

Tropical Dreams

As I recall walking along the shore Waves lapping at my feet Thoughts of sunny days and moonlit nights Flood my memories It was from another time, another life A time of khaki shorts and tropical shirts Cheeseburgers in paradise And Jimmy Buffet concerts Summer storms, lightning flashes Watching for rainbows Waiting for the sun... Continue Reading →

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