A Writer’s Confession

Have you ever wondered why you write?
Is it for me or is it for you?
Am I writing for the right reasons?
And what are the “right reasons”?

Do I write to get likes?
Comments? Followers?
Or do I write because the words inside me
Simply need to be put on paper?

I write to fill a need in myself and a need in you
A need to release feelings trapped inside
A need for self expression
A need to create a written record of my life

I write to express love, beauty, the wonders of life
I follow no rules, I just write what I feel
I write to create images in your mind
To make you feel what you read

I am a creator
Therefore I write

©Walt Page 2018


The Thoughts In My Head

So many thoughts live in my head
So many words that yearn to be said
Bouncing, spinning, whirling away
Maybe I need to write some today

The words fall together as I pick up my pen
Words that I write are all like old friends
Words about living and loving are alive once again
They flow from my head in the ink from my pen

The words fall like raindrops as I start to write
And suddenly daytime has turned into night
I write until dawn when the words are all gone
And I’ve once again used all the thoughts in my head

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

The Breathing Of My Heart

My notebook is filled
With the breathing of my heart

Poems I’ve written that come from within
Words that don’t rhyme wondering where to begin

As I put pen to paper the ink starts to flow
Words hidden inside me are now free to grow

They have stories to tell and lyrics to form
My heart has been holding its breath for too long

I’ve lived my life
Like a rock & roll song

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved


Words In My Notebook

They’re only words in my notebook
Unpublished words from deep in my heart
Words that were written, not yet worth a look
Words that have poured out, where do I start?

Words about love and words about life
They come in between my now and my then
Sometimes they make sense, more often they don’t
But they’re words in my notebook, words that I wrote

So many feelings, so many thoughts
Some that have meaning, some that do not
So I pick and I choose which ones to use
Some will be winners, some will just lose

My words in my notebook
Are mine to enjoy
And one day I’ll share some
But for now there they’ll stay

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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