The Drummer ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet There comes a timeIn a man's lifeWhen he sits and remembersHe recalls his youthAnd the years passedHis age has becomeSomewhat of a burdenHe smiles thoughRemembering his daysBehind the drumsWhen his legs and armsWere limber and pain freeHe can tell youAlmost every placeHe ever playedAnd close to every... Continue Reading →

Ripples In The Myst ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet In my dreamI am walkingFollowing a pathThrough the MystEvery step I takeCauses ripples in the MystThe music moves with meA lovely combinationOf harp, violin and fluteThe music works togetherWith the ripples in the MystTo create a beautiful workOf sound and sightA song of the same... Continue Reading →

Gone Too Soon ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

He was just a drummer No, he was so much more He was an inspiration A teacher A role model He is one of the all time Greatest drummers that ever lived He gave us rhythms unheard before His lightning fast hands Created impeccable beats He was a musician An artist in his craft And... Continue Reading →

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