500 Followers! Thank You!

When I started this blog last March,
I never dreamed that I would reach
this many followers, but here I am, with
500 followers as of today.

This has been and is a journey of exploration
and expression. Expression of my thoughts on love, romance, life
and whatever pops into my head.

Thanks to all of you who read my work and follow my posts.
Knowing that you enjoy what I write fills me
with inspiration and happiness. My success here
is because of all of you.

Thank you and my very best to all of you!


©Walt Page 2018

Featured post

Be Free

Set yourself free
Leap with the dolphins
Fly with the eagles
Soar with the doves
Run with the horses

Find the love inside you
Embrace it
Let it set you free

Feel the presence of love
Spread your wings
And fly

It’s never too late

You can still be free

©Walt Page 2018

Featured post

My Writing Is More Than Words

As writers, we all use words as building blocks
Put together in sentences

My writing is more than just words
The words come from my heart
The writing comes from love
So much more than just words

When I hear the sounds of the night
The wind through the trees
The laughter of my grandsons
I start putting them to words

Words that describe how they make me feel
About love and life
Good times and bad
I write what I feel

Anyone can put words on paper
But can anyone create images with those words?
Memories in your own mind?

I write from almost 74 years of life
Ups and downs
Around and around
My words are my life

When you sit down to write
Let your mind fly free
Let the memories caress you
Like mine have with me

So open your mind
Let your fantasies unwind
They are more than mere words
If you just take the time

Whether your thoughts or mine
We’re all much the same
So write down your words
And your memory will remain

©Walt Page 2018

Soulana, Sister Land To Everdream

It’s a magical place that I visit
As I sit alone in the dark
A place of mystery and night songs
Where I go to quiet my heart

It’s doesn’t matter if I write
For that’s not why I’ve come
Soulana is my quiet place
To visit when day is done

But the music of Soulana fills my soul
And poems start to form
My heart tells me what to write
As words escape my pen

The words start flowing faster now
Words of love and words of life
Inspiration comes in wave after wave
Tsunamis of words that I need to write

Find your Soulana and go there tonight
The words will come and you’ll start to write
Feel the magic of Soulana flow through your pen
It will make you believe in your writing again

©Walt Page 2018

A Life Worth Living

I was taught at an early age
To live a life of kindness
Compassion… Caring…
A life of value and worth

I’m a Preacher’s kid
Brought up in the church
My Dad was a writer of God’s words
The best speaker I have ever heard

I learned my prayer before bed:
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take

I learned my prayer before a meal:
God is Great and God is Good
And we thank Him for our food
By His Goodness all are fed
Give us Lord our daily bread

The foundations set in my early years
Have guided my through my life
I’ve made mistakes like humans do
Mistakes that have made me stronger and wiser

My life has not been all peaches and cream
But I’ve done what I could and offered my hand
I’ve always helped others along the way
And have never regretted the path I have taken

I think my Dad and Mom would be proud
Of the son they raised and the man I’ve become
I am who I am because of their love
And hope that I’ve lived a life worth living

©Walt Page 2018

A Writer’s Confession

Have you ever wondered why you write?
Is it for me or is it for you?
Am I writing for the right reasons?
And what are the “right reasons”?

Do I write to get likes?
Comments? Followers?
Or do I write because the words inside me
Simply need to be put on paper?

I write to fill a need in myself and a need in you
A need to release feelings trapped inside
A need for self expression
A need to create a written record of my life

I write to express love, beauty, the wonders of life
I follow no rules, I just write what I feel
I write to create images in your mind
To make you feel what you read

I am a creator
Therefore I write

©Walt Page 2018

My Wish For You in 2018

I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes.
Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making
new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing
yourself, changing yourself, changing your world.
You’re doing things you’ve never done before,
and more importantly, you’re Doing Something. 

So that’s my wish for you, and all of us, and my wish for
myself. Make New Mistakes. Make glorious, amazing
mistakes. Make mistakes nobody’s ever made before.
Don’t freeze, don’t stop, don’t worry that it isn’t good
enough, or it isn’t perfect, whatever it is: art, or love,
or work or family or life.  Whatever it is you’re scared
of doing, Do it. Make your mistakes, next year and

Make it happen. Do it now.

Happy New Year and Thank You to all my friends… old, new and yet to be!


I never dreamed that I would reach
this many followers, but here I am, with
307 followers as of today.

This has been and is a journey of exploration
and expression. Expression of my thoughts on love, romance, life
and whatever pops into my head.

Thanks to all of you who read my work and follow my posts.
Knowing that you enjoy what I write fills me
with inspiration and happiness. My success here
is because of all of you.

Thank you and my very best to all of you!

Thanksgiving Thoughts & Memories

Over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we’d go!

Thanksgiving was always a very special time when I was growing up. Mom and Dad would load my brother Paul and I in Dad’s Oldsmobile 98 and off we’d go. We would travel either to Connecticut to Dad’s parents or New Hampshire to Mom’s parents. Those were exciting days to a child. Our anticipation grew as the miles rolled by. What great adventures awaited us? What great stories would Grandpa have for us? How many Aunts, Uncles and cousins would be there? What special dessert would Grandma surprise us with this year? Those were special times and created wonderful memories.

Over the river and through the woods to hunting camp they’d go!

My Dad loved to go deer hunting. When my older brother Paul was old enough to go deer hunting, Thanksgiving was celebrated at home. As soon as Dad and Paul ate all the Thanksgiving dinner they could, Mom would pack them sandwiches for their trip and for hunting camp. Mom and I would start making Christmas decorations and I would work on my letter to Santa Claus. I went deer hunting with Dad once and froze my butt off. I decided that I wasn’t a hunter. I was cold and there was no way I could shoot Bambi. The Friday after Thanksgiving was just another day and was just called Friday.

Thanksgiving after childhood.

Thanksgiving is always a special day to me. Memories of the good times our family had always come flooding back. After my brother graduated from High School, he joined the Air Force. Distance became a problem and we couldn’t get together. After I graduated from college, I also joined the Air Force and was sent for training as a Missile Launch Control Officer and then stationed at Minot Air Force Base in Minot, North Dakota. Once again, times and Thanksgiving had changed for us. Paul and I both found wives and started our own families.

No more having a day off on holidays.

When you’re in the military, holidays become different. The same is also true for those in many jobs – doctors, law enforcement, firemen, nurses, emergency services, transportation, hotels and resorts, restaurants and tourist attractions and amusement parks. They all require staff working on holidays. I worked almost every holiday and I would volunteer so that those who had children could spend it with them. My wife Susan works in dietary services at a local hospital and she is working on Thanksgiving and again on Christmas, along with many of her co-workers. Patients have to be treated, fed and taken care of.

When I hear people complaining about how terrible it is that retail employees have to work on Thanksgiving, my reaction is “Oh well, that’s too bad’.

We live in an ever-changing world.

Our world has changed so much since we were the children of the 1950s. Everything moves so much faster now. We now start seeing Christmas decorations and sale in stores in October. We have Black Friday, Pre-Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and sale after sale after sale. Walmart starts Black Friday at 6 PM on Thanksgiving evening. Whey do they then call it Black Friday? We have become victims of constant advertising. We become victims of and participants in a mob mentality. We end up fighting each other to get the last crappy item that’s on sale.

Have we lost the true meaning of Thanksgiving?

Unfortunately, I think we have lost its meaning. It’s now all about sales and getting the best bargains even if we can’t afford them. We have started caring about nothing other than our own pleasure. Our “wants” overwhelm us, even though they are not our “needs”.

We have forgotten what Thanksgiving is all about: “A day of giving thanks for the blessing of harvest and of the past year.” Thanksgiving is meant to be a day of reflection, a day to give thanks for our blessings, our family, friends and relatives, And it’s meant to be a day to give thanks for our lives and the freedoms that we enjoy.

This Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for those who enrich our lives.

I am truly blessed to have all of you as friends, family and followers and thank you all for the support and love you have shown me. My wish for all of you is for a harvest of blessings, good health and good times, along with the gift of faith and the blessing of hope.

Thank you all so much for the hope, peace and joy that you bring to my life!

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