Another Try

When you've done all you can You haven't When you think that you should You shouldn't Even if you could You wouldn't When you're past the point Of giving a damn And you've tried to run But the damage is done When all your tears are cried And all you have left Is a cluster... Continue Reading →


One Good Day

One good day Is all I ask A pain free day To write my poetry To ride my horses Run with my dogs A walk through the woods With my wife Would sure do me good A chance to play drums With a classic rock band A best selling book Of my poems of romance... Continue Reading →

An Unexpected Love

Strange Mystical Mysterious Never ending A cycle of love Created from nothing Growing into a bond That can't be broken Two people Not looking One grieving One hardened by divorce Having so much in common That love saw An opportunity And took it Secret desires Seduced them both And love Conquered all ~The Tennessee Poet~... Continue Reading →

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