My Existence

I am forever And never I am everywhere And nowhere I am lost in a world That doesn't exist In the end We are all dreamers A million dreams Are keeping me awake Hoping to find a way To be myself someday The truth hurts But secrets kill It is my curse As I wander... Continue Reading →



The first time I heard rock and roll The music moved my soul I believe that is was '55 But it may have been '56 I'm trying to remember When I was pain free I think that it was '65 Or was it '66 My memory may have dipped a bit As all the years... Continue Reading →

Empty Promises

Sometimes life is filled With empty promises Meaningless words That were said In the heat of passion Words that gave us hope But then shattered our dreams Made by those we trusted Promises that were never intended To be kept Empty promises Filled with empty words “I'll never hurt you” “It won't happen again” “I'll... Continue Reading →

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