A Life Worth Living

I was taught at an early age To live a life of kindness Compassion... Caring... A life of value and worth I'm a Preacher's kid Brought up in the church My Dad was a writer of God's words The best speaker I have ever heard I learned my prayer before bed: Now I lay me... Continue Reading →

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#Sedoka: Happy New Year

It's finally here The old year a memory Hope the New Year is better My wishes for you Health, Happiness, Love and Light Good times the rest of your life ©Walt Page 2017

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The Beauty Of Her

In a world of constant aggravation Noise, commotion, hatred There is also a calming force I cling to It is the beauty of her The magical smile of her eyes Brings peace to my weary soul The wonder in her whole being draws me in And I find comfort in her arms of hope Because... Continue Reading →

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#Elfje: Tears

Tears Silently fall Is it over? Or a new beginning? Wondering ©Walt Page 2017

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#Elfje: Hopeful

Windy Storms coming Maybe they'll help Wash away my pain Hopefully ©Walt Page 2017

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Hear Me Lord

Are you there Lord? Can you hear me? I need you Lord... Can you help me? Can you guide me? Help me follow you... Let me see your light... Show me the way... I will follow... ©Walt Page 2017

A Peaceful Harbor

There are moments in our lives When we all need a peaceful harbor When the realities of our lives Become overwhelming My wish for you all is to be at peace To take the time you need for yourselves To enjoy the images my words may create for you And to know that you are... Continue Reading →

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