A very special thank you to
my wife Susan for letting me post
her original poetry.

A gift from The Great Spirit
A melody soft and low
Given to man and maiden
Binding hearts and souls

Music felt from deep within
When two hearts beat as one
In perfect harmony they blend
Blessed by Earth, Moon & Sun

In Heaven’s thunder roll the drums
The windswept canyons
Pipes & strings become
From mountain, river & stream
Bells can be heard
All of Nature sings out
The Unspoken Words

So that maiden gentle and warrior strong
Can reach out to each other
When apart for too long
For within them and around them
Resounds the gift of their Heartsong

©Susan Page 2018

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The Truth Of The Heart

In the twilight mist of early evening
Comes the tenderness of Ladyhawke
Softly caressing my soul with her beauty
And whispering words of love

In the twilight mists of the evening
She fills my heart with gladness
As we enjoy the beauty of our love
At peace with being One

In the twilight world of Poets and Ladyhawks
The Darkness brings the Light
The Truth of the Heart is renewed
And there is Love

©Walt Page 2018

Valentine’s Day 2018

It’s Valentine’s Day
Ash Wednesday too
This is a quandary
What shall we do?

Better be careful
What you give up for Lent
Your husband bought chocolates
With his money well spent

The Church has decided
When Easter will fall
Based on some full moon
Makes no sense at all

So don’t give up chocolate
Or candy at all
Tell your husband you love him
He’ll feel ten feet tall

©Walt Page 2018

Safe And Sound

With you I am safe
My heart in your hands
Your heart in mine
Together in time

Spirits united
Souls joined in space
Time never ending
Each others saving grace

With you there is love
Pleasures abound
Unconditional feelings
We wear like a crown

Together forever
From one life to the next
Eternity beckons
No more and no less

Together we’re safe
And together we’re sound
For we’ve found each other
And our love has no bounds

©Walt Page 2018

The Beauty Of Her

In a world of constant aggravation
Noise, commotion, hatred
There is also a calming force I cling to
It is the beauty of her

The magical smile of her eyes
Brings peace to my weary soul
The wonder in her whole being draws me in
And I find comfort in her arms of hope

Because of her I found love again
I had lost the music in my heart
But it came back the moment we met
Because of the beauty of her

My life has changed in so many good ways

©Walt Page 2017

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