Safe And Sound

With you I am safe My heart in your hands Your heart in mine Together in time Spirits united Souls joined in space Time never ending Each others saving grace With you there is love Pleasures abound Unconditional feelings We wear like a crown Together forever From one life to the next Eternity beckons No... Continue Reading →

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The Beauty Of Her

In a world of constant aggravation Noise, commotion, hatred There is also a calming force I cling to It is the beauty of her The magical smile of her eyes Brings peace to my weary soul The wonder in her whole being draws me in And I find comfort in her arms of hope Because... Continue Reading →

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#Sedoka: Rain

Rain makes me happy The beat of the falling rain Is like the beat of my heart My heart is my drum Beating in time with the rain Bringing a song to my soul ©Walt Page 2017

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If I Had You

If I had you I would reach to the heavens And pull down a star I would give you The beauty of the sea The romance of moonlit nights The scent of night blooming jasmine And the heart of a poet If I had you ©Walt Page 2017

Do You Dream Of Me?

In the still of the night When you close your eyes Do you dream of me? In the heat of the day When your mind wanders Do you dream of me? When you hear that song When you feel that breeze Do you dream of me? Our love is alive And I dream of you... Continue Reading →

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