Darkness Has A Hold On Me

The darkness has a hold on me
Nothing is worse than the things I see
Nightmares haunt me in my dreams
My only way out is my fantasy

If you could see what the darkness does
You would say goodbye to who I was
Come along with me tonight
And let me bring your fears to life.

Come with me and have no fear
You are the one that I hold dear
Don’t look back on days that are gone
It’s time for us, we must move on

When darkness ends and morning comes
They’ll look for us but we’ll be gone

We’ve gone back to the night we met
When the darkness came that night we left
The darkness whispered, “Time to come home”
And then it took us as its own

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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The Dream

In my dream I walk along an old dirt road
So close to the edge
Of the known and unknown

I hear the wind play a melody
As I realize I am all alone

This lonesome dream has been haunting me
Making me wonder
What it wants from me

In this dream I am lost and alone
And I wonder if I’ll ever get back home

Nothing is real here, everything’s fake
Will I ever wake up
And get out of this place?

Nothing is as it used to be
I wonder when he will come for me

Just carry me home
When the Reaper comes
And bury me under the willow tree

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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The Girl In The Book

I fell in love the other day
With a girl in a book that came my way
I didn’t even know her name
But I knew I’d never be the same

She came to me on fairy wings
Singing songs of love and pretty things
We traveled through the lines of rhyme
I knew I’d love her for all time

We danced with fairies and spread our wings
She said she’d show me magical things
I fell in love with that girl in the book
I’d stay with her no matter what it took

She took my hand and led the way
Through woods and wonders with sunny days
I didn’t ask where she was taking me
I knew it was with her I wanted to be

And now I’m happy as can be
The girl in the book has married me
I’m now in the book, just her and me
Together forever is where we’ll be

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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A Month Of April Prompts In One Day

Thanks once again to Michelle from
Putting My Feet In The Dirt
for her list of daily prompts for the month of April.
Special thanks this month to Michelle’s daughters,
Brianna and Autumn for their contributions to these prompts!
Please visit her site for the April list of daily prompts.

This is the voyage of the Starship “Blog Machine”,
Star Date April 31st, way in the future.
Captain Walt reporting assisted by Co-First Officers
Brianna and Autumn.

It’s April here at Starbase Tatooine and Easter has come
and gone. After The explosive egg hunt, Han Solo was
caught Chewing chewbacco. We had to wait to depart
while The stars stood on standby, Spacing out in
shadows doubt over what Solo had done. We knew
that Jumping Jupiter can’t get stupider, so we waited
as Time blossomed then shriveled.

When we finally departed, It went off with a bang
and a hiss. We left behind Filaments of Frustration
as we became Covered in constellations. Our mission
was to locate aliens with Hieroglyphic hineys. We
messaged our families, “Meet ya later by the
flux capacitator” and they replied, “Nano nano”.

We realized that there might be trouble, so we
made sure our Galactic garble blasters were filled
with Platinum plutonium. When traveling through
the galaxies, there is always A measurement
of improbability.

We were all hungry, so we ate some Space jam on toast.
Through the windows we thought we saw some
Orbiting orangutans, but decided it was just
the Spasmodic juice we drank that left us
Jet lagged and jilted.

There are always Catastrophic calamities
in space. Some radio calls are Fluently flippant.
The call we received said “This… is Ceti Alpha Five
with an important message, “Do. Or do not. There
is no try – Yoda.”

Yoda was our friend and a Jedi Master. We knew that
Friends don’t lie, so we set a course to take us through
The doorway to improbability. When we arrived, we
found massive Ozone siphoning and other atmospheric
disruptions. The base was filled with Pilfering
Pandemonium. It was being overcome and ravaged
by swarms of Sucking skeevers and Gnarly narfs.

We drew our weapons but were quickly overcome by
Nuka-Cola asphixiola. As we took our last breaths,
the last words we heard were “Danger, danger
Will Robinson.”

April fools!!

The moral of this story: Let your writing take
you to places that you normally don’t go.

©Walt Page 2018

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My Writing Is More Than Words

As writers, we all use words as building blocks
Put together in sentences

My writing is more than just words
The words come from my heart
The writing comes from love
So much more than just words

When I hear the sounds of the night
The wind through the trees
The laughter of my grandsons
I start putting them to words

Words that describe how they make me feel
About love and life
Good times and bad
I write what I feel

Anyone can put words on paper
But can anyone create images with those words?
Memories in your own mind?

I write from almost 74 years of life
Ups and downs
Around and around
My words are my life

When you sit down to write
Let your mind fly free
Let the memories caress you
Like mine have with me

So open your mind
Let your fantasies unwind
They are more than mere words
If you just take the time

Whether your thoughts or mine
We’re all much the same
So write down your words
And your memory will remain

©Walt Page 2018

Soulana, Sister Land To Everdream

It’s a magical place that I visit
As I sit alone in the dark
A place of mystery and night songs
Where I go to quiet my heart

It’s doesn’t matter if I write
For that’s not why I’ve come
Soulana is my quiet place
To visit when day is done

But the music of Soulana fills my soul
And poems start to form
My heart tells me what to write
As words escape my pen

The words start flowing faster now
Words of love and words of life
Inspiration comes in wave after wave
Tsunamis of words that I need to write

Find your Soulana and go there tonight
The words will come and you’ll start to write
Feel the magic of Soulana flow through your pen
It will make you believe in your writing again

©Walt Page 2018

A Land Called Everdream

In my head there’s a land called Everdream
Where I write my poems under bright moonbeams
Where the ink flows from deep in my heart
And music is played on a golden harp

I write of kindness, beauty and love
Of blessings sent from the heavens above
Poems for lovers who renew their vows
Words on paper that I hope will arouse

Everdream, created by me, created for you
Where I write my poems, some old, some new
A magical place that’s found in my head
Where I work my magic that may never be read

I write for lovers whose stars have crossed
To make them realize they were never lost
My words will reach them in their dreams
And welcome them to Everdream

©Walt Page 2018

The Demons Of Darkness

A glint of light shot skyward
And summoned the creatures of the dark
One by one their howls filled the night
Their dance of the darkness had begun

All of your phobias, your childhood fears
Surrounded you, taunted you, haunted you
You trembled and gasped as you felt something touch you
A cold, slimy touch as the howling grew louder

The demons of darkness moved closer and closer
You fell to your knees and reached for the heavens
You tried to call out, to beg for forgiveness
But nobody heard you, your demons had won

When you fired that gun, shell casings were ejected
The glint on a casing was the moonlight reflected
It summoned the creatures who knew what you did
And your screams went unheard as their feeding began

©Walt Page 2017

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