The Eye of Night ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet The eye of night Watches over the lonely souls Keeping them safe As they wander through their dreams Giving them hope The eye of night has history here Finding love for the lonely souls As she hides in the moonlight She moves through the night... Continue Reading →

Ancient Spirits ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet As I look to the sky I say the words “I call upon the Ancient Spirits One more time.” The Spirits have always been with me Subtlety steering me In the best direction Watching me grow And keeping me safe My Mom and Dad Had been raised... Continue Reading →

The Wishing ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

There it was again In a corner of the room Sometimes it floated around the room Sometimes it rolled around It was larger today Filled with more wishes than usual Everybody has one It's called The Wishing It holds every wish you make It doesn't choose which wish to grant It's just a storage place... Continue Reading →

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