The Dream

In my dream I walk along an old dirt road
So close to the edge
Of the known and unknown

I hear the wind play a melody
As I realize I am all alone

This lonesome dream has been haunting me
Making me wonder
What it wants from me

In this dream I am lost and alone
And I wonder if I’ll ever get back home

Nothing is real here, everything’s fake
Will I ever wake up
And get out of this place?

Nothing is as it used to be
I wonder when he will come for me

Just carry me home
When the Reaper comes
And bury me under the willow tree

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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River Of Dreams

Join me on the river of dreams
Where words create such beautiful scenes
Where stories are written and poems are rhymed
Come sit by the river and spend some time

Stories of history, romance and love
Poems are carried on the wings of a dove
Haiku, Tanka, Sedoka and more
Poems all written in forms we adore

Images are created using only words
Created with phrases that need to be heard
Novels are written on the bank of this river
Stories that warm us, some makes us shiver

I come here often to craft my poems
The flowing water creates many forms
My mind fills with words that are ready to be heard
So I put pen to paper and write every word

Come sit with me by the river of dreams
Where my words come to life and wait to be seen
They are written with love and come from my heart
These words that I write are my form of art

©Walt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved

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Night Dream Meadow

Often when I sleep I dream
I go to a place I call Night Dream Meadow
Where the moon is bright
And my heart is light
And I listen to the voices of the night

I walk through the meadow
Following the path
Leading me to the Rainbow Bridge
Where I’m greeted by the dogs I’ve loved

Rusty, General, Duke and Belle
Dakota, Willow and Rose
The air is filled with sounds of love
A favorite dream from Heaven above

I stay for awhile then move along
Mom and Dad are waiting to see their son
Many hugs, much laughing
A few tears of joy
Hugs from grandparents, uncles and aunts

And then I see her smiling at me
She was again 17, her age when we met
It was then in my dream
I became young too

We walked through the meadow
Holding hands like old times
The love that we felt
Will always be with us

But then the sun started to rise
The meadow faded into the mist
My dream was over
But the memories remain

©Walt Page 2018

Soulana, Sister Land To Everdream

It’s a magical place that I visit
As I sit alone in the dark
A place of mystery and night songs
Where I go to quiet my heart

It’s doesn’t matter if I write
For that’s not why I’ve come
Soulana is my quiet place
To visit when day is done

But the music of Soulana fills my soul
And poems start to form
My heart tells me what to write
As words escape my pen

The words start flowing faster now
Words of love and words of life
Inspiration comes in wave after wave
Tsunamis of words that I need to write

Find your Soulana and go there tonight
The words will come and you’ll start to write
Feel the magic of Soulana flow through your pen
It will make you believe in your writing again

©Walt Page 2018

A Land Called Everdream

In my head there’s a land called Everdream
Where I write my poems under bright moonbeams
Where the ink flows from deep in my heart
And music is played on a golden harp

I write of kindness, beauty and love
Of blessings sent from the heavens above
Poems for lovers who renew their vows
Words on paper that I hope will arouse

Everdream, created by me, created for you
Where I write my poems, some old, some new
A magical place that’s found in my head
Where I work my magic that may never be read

I write for lovers whose stars have crossed
To make them realize they were never lost
My words will reach them in their dreams
And welcome them to Everdream

©Walt Page 2018

Tropical Dreams

As I recall walking along the shore
Waves lapping at my feet
Thoughts of sunny days and moonlit nights
Flood my memories

It was from another time, another life
A time of khaki shorts and tropical shirts
Cheeseburgers in paradise
And Jimmy Buffet concerts

Summer storms, lightning flashes
Watching for rainbows
Waiting for the sun
Hoping it all would never end

But all good things must come to an end
So new ones can take their place
From beaches to bush hogs, dolphins to horses
One door closed and another opened

The life I have now is one that I love
My tropical dreams will always be there
From a different time, in a different life
The mysteries of life are always that way

©Walt Page 2017

The Angels Are Weeping

As I was drifting in and out of sleep
Lost in the haze of awareness and dreams
I heard the sadness of voices
And I realized that the angels were weeping

So much destruction, so many deaths
The flooding, fires, suffering and pain
I heard angelic voices that were not often heard
And I said to myself, “the angels are weeping”

Tears filled my eyes as I heard the pain in their voices
Songs of their sadness filled the night air
I suddenly woke when I heard myself say
God’s in the graveyard and the angels are weeping”

I hung my head as I started to cry
Seeking a reason, wondering why
When an angel appeared, I started to grin
Welcome to heaven,” he said. “Come on in”

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

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