Soulana, Sister Land To Everdream

It's a magical place that I visit As I sit alone in the dark A place of mystery and night songs Where I go to quiet my heart It's doesn't matter if I write For that's not why I've come Soulana is my quiet place To visit when day is done But the music of... Continue Reading →

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A Land Called Everdream

In my head there's a land called Everdream Where I write my poems under bright moonbeams Where the ink flows from deep in my heart And music is played on a golden harp I write of kindness, beauty and love Of blessings sent from the heavens above Poems for lovers who renew their vows Words... Continue Reading →

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Tropical Dreams

As I recall walking along the shore Waves lapping at my feet Thoughts of sunny days and moonlit nights Flood my memories It was from another time, another life A time of khaki shorts and tropical shirts Cheeseburgers in paradise And Jimmy Buffet concerts Summer storms, lightning flashes Watching for rainbows Waiting for the sun... Continue Reading →

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Sharing A Dream

When we met we shared a dream... A life in the country... A life renewed by love... A life filled with music... A life together forever... A home filled with animals... We shared our dreams... And we made them come true. ©Walt Page 2017

Do You Dream Of Me?

In the still of the night When you close your eyes Do you dream of me? In the heat of the day When your mind wanders Do you dream of me? When you hear that song When you feel that breeze Do you dream of me? Our love is alive And I dream of you... Continue Reading →

The Angels Are Weeping

As I was drifting in and out of sleep Lost in the haze of awareness and dreams I heard the sadness of voices And I realized that the angels were weeping So much destruction, so many deaths The flooding, fires, suffering and pain I heard angelic voices that were not often heard And I said... Continue Reading →

Calling You

On the gentle breezes Hear me As you sleep Hear my night songs When you dream I am calling you Listen closely Hear my voice Hear my heart Calling you Come to me now I'm calling you Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

Where The Shadows Sleep

I will follow you into the dark Where the shadows sleep and vampires play Where all of the light has been hidden away I will follow you there and there I will stay I'm at peace in your darkness I find comfort in your essence No light is needed here in the dark Where all... Continue Reading →

The Twilight Mists

In the twilight mists I see her Walking through the fields of my memories She is there watching... waiting Standing near the river of dreams Reflections of her beauty Fill the cool night air The fire in her eyes Lights the fires in my soul The rhythm of my heart Keeps a steady, comforting beat... Continue Reading →

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