Darkness Is Rising… Be Afraid

Maybe it was the pain The constant aching That was changing me into something evil I wasn't sleeping well The voices kept me awake Whispering, so that I couldn't quite hear them It was driving me crazy What were they saying? What did they want? What was happening to me? I didn't like what I... Continue Reading →

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The Grim Reaper Came Today

My life ended today There was no pain Just a sudden darkness No sound, just a great nothingness I had no fear I just wondered, “Now what”? It was odd to me My life hadn't flashed before me There was no warning sign Nothing Just a realization That I was dead As the darkness subsided... Continue Reading →

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The Demons Of Darkness

A glint of light shot skyward And summoned the creatures of the dark One by one their howls filled the night Their dance of the darkness had begun All of your phobias, your childhood fears Surrounded you, taunted you, haunted you You trembled and gasped as you felt something touch you A cold, slimy touch... Continue Reading →

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#Elfje: Shadows

Shadows Moving slowly In the darkness My demons are restless Tonight ©Walt Page 2017

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Do You Dream Of Me?

In the still of the night When you close your eyes Do you dream of me? In the heat of the day When your mind wanders Do you dream of me? When you hear that song When you feel that breeze Do you dream of me? Our love is alive And I dream of you... Continue Reading →

Guilty As Charged

Three life changing words. Career ending words. Words that will always be with you. It doesn't matter what you did. It doesn't matter why. What matters is that you did it. Whatever IT was, you did it. You are guilty as charged. You now have to accept what you did. The guilt will always be... Continue Reading →

The Darkness In Me

There's a darkness in me That few seldom see Hidden away So it can't be seen You won't want to see The dark side of me When the anger and temper Explodes out of me There are times when I Go over the line Sitting there afterwards And I just start crying So now you... Continue Reading →

The Fire In Your Eyes

There's a magic I see When you smile at me The fire in your eyes Lights a fire in my soul You walked into my life I didn't stand a chance The fire in your eyes Made my heart dance But what is it about you? What is it I fear? Why does my skin... Continue Reading →

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