Everything Is Different Now

In life There are always changes How we handle them Is a true measure of our character I have had good changes And I have had bad But each time I held my head up and said “Everything is different now” ©Walt Page 2018


A Life Worth Living

I was taught at an early age To live a life of kindness Compassion... Caring... A life of value and worth I'm a Preacher's kid Brought up in the church My Dad was a writer of God's words The best speaker I have ever heard I learned my prayer before bed: Now I lay me... Continue Reading →

Old Buildings Have Soul… And So Do Old Men

When I look at old buildings I see classic designs Constructed to withstand The ravages of time I'm like an old building I have endured the passing of time Old buildings have soul And so do old men The stories we keep Tucked away in ourselves Are like unwritten books Gathering dust on a shelf... Continue Reading →

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