Everything Is Different Now

In life
There are always changes
How we handle them
Is a true measure of our character

I have had good changes
And I have had bad
But each time
I held my head up and said

Everything is different now”

©Walt Page 2018

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A Life Worth Living

I was taught at an early age
To live a life of kindness
Compassion… Caring…
A life of value and worth

I’m a Preacher’s kid
Brought up in the church
My Dad was a writer of God’s words
The best speaker I have ever heard

I learned my prayer before bed:
Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
If I should die before I wake
I pray the Lord my soul to take

I learned my prayer before a meal:
God is Great and God is Good
And we thank Him for our food
By His Goodness all are fed
Give us Lord our daily bread

The foundations set in my early years
Have guided my through my life
I’ve made mistakes like humans do
Mistakes that have made me stronger and wiser

My life has not been all peaches and cream
But I’ve done what I could and offered my hand
I’ve always helped others along the way
And have never regretted the path I have taken

I think my Dad and Mom would be proud
Of the son they raised and the man I’ve become
I am who I am because of their love
And hope that I’ve lived a life worth living

©Walt Page 2018

The Darkness In Me

There’s a darkness in me
That few seldom see
Hidden away
So it can’t be seen

You won’t want to see
The dark side of me
When the anger and temper
Explodes out of me

There are times when I
Go over the line
Sitting there afterwards
And I just start crying

So now you know
What’s hidden in me
There’s more to me
Than what you see

I hope you continue
To read what I write
And I’ll keep my dark side
Well out of sight

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved


Influences come and sometimes go
Some come fast, some are slow
Parents, teachers, friends we know
All make an imprint on our soul

Movies, songs, authors and poets
Leave their mark before we know it
Things we see and what we hear
We pick and choose what we hold dear

What to cherish, what to fear
Influences are always near
We laugh, we love, we shed a tear
Always wondering why we’re here

The words you have written
Have influenced me
May the words that I write
Show you things that I see

Who we are and what we do
Is due to influencers that we knew
So be very thankful in all you do
And I hope that my words may influence you

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

Your Life Isn’t Over

Without a beginning
There can be no end
If there is no start
You are already finished

Time shows no favorites
You blink and it’s gone
So live life to the fullest
And enjoy every minute

Our end can be a new beginning
What is finished brings a new start
When your heart stops beating
Your soul will live on

Your life isn’t over
For your soul never dies
Your spirit will live on
And you will live again

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

Heaven Will Wait

As I walk through my life
I see goodness and light
Caring and sharing
Drums played at night

As I walk through the mists
I recall all my songs
The rights and the wrongs
Written words that are gone

I follow the path to see where it leads
Constantly searching for what I believe
The music I hear is so sweet and pure
But the years I have left seem fewer and fewer

My drumsticks are scarred from years of playing
It’s harder to hold them when arthritis is flaring
But I’ll never stop singing or keeping the beat
Songs in my head keep me tapping my feet

My life has been music, keyboards and drums
Songs that I’ve written and songs that I’ve sung
I know what awaits me when my life is done

A drum set in Heaven awaits at the gate
But I’m in no hurry, so Heaven will wait

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

Old Buildings Have Soul… And So Do Old Men

When I look at old buildings
I see classic designs
Constructed to withstand
The ravages of time

I’m like an old building
I have endured the passing of time
Old buildings have soul
And so do old men

The stories we keep
Tucked away in ourselves
Are like unwritten books
Gathering dust on a shelf

One day we’ll write the stories we hold
The words will flow like ink from our pen
We’ll show the world that old buildings have soul
And we’ll also show them that so do old men

Photo by Stefan Kunze on Unsplash

Copyright © 2017 Walt Page
All Rights Reserved

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