A Life Worth Living

I was taught at an early age To live a life of kindness Compassion... Caring... A life of value and worth I'm a Preacher's kid Brought up in the church My Dad was a writer of God's words The best speaker I have ever heard I learned my prayer before bed: Now I lay me... Continue Reading →

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#Sedoka: For Old Times Sake

New Year's Eve is here The end of another year Not a real good year for me At seventy three My New Years are fewer now Need a happy one for me! ©Walt Page 2017

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And Then It’s Winter

I didn't write this and I can't find who the author is. It was sent to me by a friend and since yesterday was the Autumn Equinox and winter is not far behind, I thought you all might enjoy reading it. You know, time has a way of moving quickly and catching you unaware of the passing... Continue Reading →

Bluebonnet Spring

These graphics are from an original page that was on my website, Spirit's Links, years ago. This was based on a song by Emmy Lou Harris and Willie Nelson, "Gulfcoast Highway", and posted on March 22, 2002. Copyright © 2017 Walt Page All Rights Reserved

Autumn Road

We walk the autumn road Days growing shorter Nights growing longer In the autumn of our lives Reflections of our past Haunt us But only for a moment The days are warm The nights are cool Winter is soon upon us As we walk the autumn road We know And we smile Copyright © 2017... Continue Reading →

Your Life Isn’t Over

Without a beginning There can be no end If there is no start You are already finished Time shows no favorites You blink and it's gone So live life to the fullest And enjoy every minute Our end can be a new beginning What is finished brings a new start When your heart stops beating... Continue Reading →

Heaven Will Wait

As I walk through my life I see goodness and light Caring and sharing Drums played at night As I walk through the mists I recall all my songs The rights and the wrongs Written words that are gone I follow the path to see where it leads Constantly searching for what I believe The... Continue Reading →

His Body Is Hurting

He thought it was over, but it wasn't Perhaps it never would be So many times he came close, but never close enough Nothing seemed to stop it The end was sometimes in sight, but never reachable He tried everything he could Every suggestion, every trick Nothing worked His silent cries for help went unanswered... Continue Reading →

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