The Longing – A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

I long for earlier times When I was young and feeling fine When lyrics to songs all made sense And people weren't so damn intense I long for the days When my memories were made Those memories survive In the corners of my mind I long for the days of iron Days of wine Doing... Continue Reading →


Enough Is Enough – By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

More and more I find myself writing about pain. I don't do it for sympathy, I write about it because for a few minutes I am pain free, young again and full of energy. The doctors say, “it could be this” or “it could be that” “We need to do an MRI and CT scan... Continue Reading →

Severe Nerve Damage

I had blood work done last week and met with a neurologist yesterday. Blood work showed no diabetes, but he put me on iron and B12 supplements. He did a nerve conduction study and an Electromyography on both feet, lower legs and behind both knees, and my left hand. Results: Severe nerve damage everywhere he... Continue Reading →

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