Way Beyond Empty

It was a strange feeling One not easy to describe It wasn't a case of Half empty or half full He was way beyond empty He felt nothing He had no words He no longer cared His mind, once so vibrant Was no longer there He had no hope Sadness hung over him Like a... Continue Reading →



The first time I heard rock and roll The music moved my soul I believe that is was '55 But it may have been '56 I'm trying to remember When I was pain free I think that it was '65 Or was it '66 My memory may have dipped a bit As all the years... Continue Reading →

There Was A Time

There was a time When life was simpler... slower When kids were safe in school When a U.S. President didn't call people names on Twitter When there were no cell phones When politicians cared about people When cashiers could actually make change When immigrants entered this country legally When there was not so much hatred... Continue Reading →

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