Old Age Creeps In Old age creeps in slowlySilently... With no warning You wake up one morningand your whole body aches You think it will passbut it doesn't You realize you can no longer dothe things you used to do Your health has failedbut thank God your mind is still sharp There will be days... Continue Reading →

The Man I Once Was I'll never be the man I once was.Young and strong,energetic and tireless.Age has a way of changing you. I'll never be the man I once was,and that's OKI don't live in the past,and I'm a better man nowthan I once was. I'll never be the man I once wasand that's... Continue Reading →

Older Love Older love is a quieter love,a love filled with trust,filled with caring andsubtle romance. The passion is quieterand calmer, but still asintense as that of youngnewlyweds. Older love is a quiet candlelitdinner at home, slow dancing tofavorite songs and rememberingfirst dates. Like a fine wine,love becomes better and betteras the years go by.... Continue Reading →

Intimacy As our bodies ageand health problems occur,our intimacy lessens.It also changesas we adapt to how we feel.As our family growsopportunity lessens. Intimacy is not justhaving sex. It is alsojust holding handswhile sitting quietly. It's a walk on a moonlit night,a walk on the beach at dawn,a touch, a soft kiss, a loving caress. Whatever... Continue Reading →

Aging Gracefully ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet Is it even possible to age gracefully?When you are in constant chronic pain?You just want pain relief,not a how to video on aging gracefully.Not everyday is a bad day,but most are.That's the difficult part for people to understand.We can't control our pain,our pain controls us.We each make... Continue Reading →

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