When Things Go Wrong things have a wayof always going wrong always unexpectedlyalways at the wrong time you get sickagain you needanother surgery again your water linesprings a leak again but we never give upwe never give in it's when things seem the worstthat you must not quit ~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2021 All Rights... Continue Reading →

The Key To Her Mind Here it isthe key to her mind be careful what you unlockyou might not like everything you find every woman has thoughtsand memories that are hers alone if you really love heryou won't need a key her eyes will tell you what she's thinkingwhat memories she is recalling love and... Continue Reading →

Words Never Spoken So often problems ariseBecause of words never spoken“I'm sorry”“It was my fault”“I didn't mean to hurt you”“Thank you for all you do”“You are all I care about” Thank her for all she doesThank her againAnd againTell her you're sorryTell her againand again Don't let your words go unspokenSay themSay them oftenLet her... Continue Reading →

Do It Now There's no pointIn waitingIt's not going toGet easierIt has to be doneThe sooner, the betterYou know what to doIt will just keepGetting harderI know it hurts youIt hurts me tooDo it nowJust do itGet it done~The Tennessee Poet~©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

Embrace Your Discomfort ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

It came to me on an Instagram post that a fellow poet, Dorinda DuClos, posted. It was about being at peace with where you've been and what you've been through. I had watched a short video earlier by Kenny Aranoff, a fantastic drummer. It was titled, “Embrace Your Discomfort”. I realized I had been writing... Continue Reading →

Such A Simple Thing ~ By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

Poetry is such a simple thing, unless you are concerned with form, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, etc. My poems are simple. Just my thoughts expressed with words, words that I use in everyday conversation. I try to avoid words I never use. I've been submitting more of my poetry lately. So far, with the exception of... Continue Reading →

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