Voices In My Mind

when I’m trying to decide
what to write about
I hear voices in my mind

I hear bits and pieces of words
and I try to put some together
sometimes they form quickly
other times it is a slow process

I try to keep my poetry simple
there is great beauty in simplicity
so I try to keep it uncomplicated
and easily understandable

life doesn’t always happen
the way we want it to
neither does writing poetry
sometimes words flow together easily
other times they make no sense

so I start over and try again

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2022 All Rights Reserved

15 thoughts on “Voices In My Mind

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  1. Ahh .. the life of a poet Walt … and coincidently, I had some dreamy words floating in my head last night ..
    ” Dreaming in a Dream” (a Tanka) [5x7x5x7x7]

    You were in my dream
    I was dreaming in a dream
    Sailing a calm sea
    Floating on a warm current
    Adrift in your universe

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