Sunset On The River

Once again my inspiration for this poem is from
another one of my friend Augustine Hart’s
beautiful photos from the Adirondacks.

The air is cold
I can see my breath
and hear the snow
beneath my feet
as I walk along
the banks of
the Ausable River
in New York State’s
Adirondack Mountains
enjoying a lovely
winter sunset

The River gives life and refuge
to a variety of fish and game
people camp along its banks
fishing its waters
and hunting its forests

The Ausable River
starts in the high peaks
of the Adirondacks
branching into
the East and West Branches
before merging again
and flowing through Ausable Chasm
and the flatlands
to Lake Champlain

I lived for 15 years
along the banks
of the Ausable
and I miss life
along the River

~The Tennessee Poet~
Β©Walt Page 2022 All Rights Reserved

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