Thanks once again to Michelle from
Putting My Feet In The Dirt
for her list of daily prompts for the month of July, 2021.
Please visit her site for her July list of daily prompts.

A Day In The Life Of The Tennessee Poet

As he sat at his writing desk
Thinking about her
A bottle of hope sat on the shelf.
It was enticing but
Her kisses were all that he craved
Probably because they tasted like pickle juice.

He was enraptured by her beauty,
he could think of nothing else.
Except for the hot cross buns she was making.

His tummy rumbled and his feet grumbled
as time stole his most prized possession.
He grew impatient as dawn slowly turned to dusk.
The spoiled soup had turned to goop.

I used to be the boy who read her poetry
about lollipop trees and sugar filled seas.
She tickled my senses
as I was grabbed from behind.

I saw her running away from me
but the tunnel took me there.
Her soft skin glowed with the dew
from misty mornings.

I said to myself
1,2… buckle my shoe”
I would walk through paupers and peppercorns
and even icy flames to get to her.

Beggars can’t be choosers
so I was treading lightly
through the land of light,
where genuine discourse could be found
with tears hidden in the rain.

I had visions of the honeymoon
and became lit with desire.
I watched strange creatures
called felt and bobbles as they ransacked
the peanuts and popcorn.

I learned that day that teenage drama
was filled with wishes and waterfalls.

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

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  1. Oh Walt, this was just the sort of post I’ve been missing. I haven’t read a mashup in ages. You outdid yourself once again and I bet your lovely wife got a good laugh out of it. Lol… 😉

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