Our lives are filled
with disappointments

we don’t get the job
our favorite TV show is canceled
our health gets worse
our child’s ball game is canceled

they all hurt but
how we handle disappointment
is a test of our character

sometimes a disappointment
proves to be for the best
sometimes it means that
something better waits for us

disappointment is a test
we either pass or fail
the important thing
is that we learn from it

~The Tennessee Poet~
Β©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

11 thoughts on “Disappointment

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  1. Wow! Really love this post and the wisdom you have shared. I have felt this way too. Sad about the disappointment at the time, in the moment and not always able to see that perhaps the Universe has something better waiting for us just beyond the bend?

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      1. So happy you have been blessed with another “Beloved”!!! You have all the reasons in the world to be happy!! It’s no wonder why your poetry is so great and romantic!

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