My America

Standing tall and proud
branches almost reaching
the top of the cliff
nature’s wonderland

created over eons of time
so many memories here
family picnics, fishing trips,
family camp outs and bonfires

This is my America

Many of us have fought for her
and many have died for her
it’s so hard for me to sit back
and watch the politicians pretend that they are
β€œFlash Gordon, Savior Of The Universe!”

I only pray that God keeps
these egomaniacs on a tight leash
and prevents them from doing
any more damage to my America

~The Tennessee Poet~
Β©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

12 thoughts on “My America

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  1. I agree about conversations about right, but I’m too disillusioned to think it can happen. I don’t agree with everything Biden is proposing but the GOP is against anything he proposes. The GOP is not such a Grand Old Party anymore. Trump certainly still has his evil claws in everything.

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  2. We should all be allowed show our true colours Walt without fear of intimidation whether it be skin colour, orientation, political or sporting, bigotry should be called out from all platforms I believe right should be a topic of conversation in all homes, classrooms, among all religious and political parties, then knowing right from wrong might just become obvious?

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