I Want To Write

I want to write
I want to feel the rush
as words form in my mind

I want to feel
the ink flowing
through my pen
as words are written
in my notebook

I want images
to form in my mind
as I read
what I have written

I want to write poetry
about love, pain,
nature and earth’s beauty

I want to create poems
about people, illness,
fantasy and faeries

I want to write poetry
about rhythm and music,
Mother Earth and the power of crystals

I want to fill my notebooks
with pages of my poetry

I want to be known
for what I do and who I am

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

6 thoughts on “I Want To Write

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  1. The brilliancy in your writing will make you known for who you are and what you do! Your words have the power to do so… this is very well written and it feels like my thoughts were taken and put into this beautiful poem ✨👍

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