A Poet’s Pen

A poet’s pen is filled
filled with more than just words
it holds memories,
images, laughter and tears

the music in my soul
becomes the words in my pen
my dreams, my hopes
my fears and my pain
are held captive in my pen
until I decide to let them out

my pens are not fancy
standard Pilot G-2 #10s
in black and/or blue bold ink

I use the words in my pens
to convey different feelings
and create different imagery

my words can be large
or small, long or short,
angry or soothing

my pen tries hard to put
words together in phrases
phrases that cause a reader to feel
love or sorrow, pain or pleasure

each of my poems create different
feelings in whoever is reading them
that is the Power Of A Poet’s Pen

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

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