A Letter To Myself

Dear Walt,
I know you are bothered
because you can no longer
do what you used to be able
to do

age has a way of doing that
to us and it bothers you
that you can no longer lift
a 40 pound bag of dog food
or clean Teaka’s run-in

you get short of breath quickly
when you walk anywhere and
it bothers you that you can no
longer drive, that you are bent over
and that you tire easily

but be grateful for the things you
can still do… you can break and
remove ice from Teaka’s water trough,
you can still give her hay when
she needs it and you can still help
Susan by doing dishes and laundry
and letting the dogs in and out

in warm weather you can still mow
the yards and the paddocks, you can
still walk to the mailbox and your
mind is still sharp

And remember, you can still write
your poetry

Hang in there,

~The Tennessee Poet~
Β©Walt Page 2021 All Rights Reserved

21 thoughts on “A Letter To Myself

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  1. Ah Walt, this poem brought tears to my eyes. My dad has just had an injury from doing something he is just to old to do now. We all have to adjust to our aging, even though it is hard. My dad is also still useful and loved. He just has to adjust his way of doing things.


  2. That characteristic simplicity with which you write such impactful poetry resurrects my belief in the power of words which has a way of fading away when one reads the incessant bull**** posted online these days.

    This poem’s message is so inspirational and philosophical, Walt, I hope it reaches far and wide.

    You are an inspiration. You need to publish your book, my friend!

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    1. Thank you so much Isha! What a lovely comment… I am honored and humbled. You have always commented with such kind words. I am just a simple man, using simple words to express my meaningful beliefs. I don’t write to attract followers… I don’t submit my poetry to win accolades or honors.. I write to express what I feel… The importance of love and kindness and the beauty that is all around us. Thank you so much for your comments, your kindness and your belief in me. I suppose I need to think seriously about working on a book. By the way, I had my first Moderna vaccine injection for Coved-19 yesterday morning. I go for my second shot on February 10th. My arm and body aches, but overall Im feeling ok. Thank you again dear friend for being you. 😊❀

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      1. Dear Walt, I’m glad to know you’re feeling ok. You’re one of the strongest people I know, and I know it takes great will to be you. Do keep me updated when you can. Hope Susan is doing well, too!
        Your words about not writing to put up a show for others resonates with me so. I recently quit insta for good after my brief stay there for the same reasons…felt like my inner self revolted everytime I posted my words there. I’ve never sought that kind of attention – poetry is so pure. A few people had goaded me on to have a more online presence after the publication of Dark River, but to hell with that presence. This little space, here, feels authentic. Although I must admit, it’s been weighing on me how different writing here has also become. I miss the old days and the old crowd – the wonderful poets who’ve stopped blogging… Wonder where they are now. Glad that you’re here and with your poems, a part of that beautiful time lives on…which is why, perhaps, I think I’m being so persistent on you publishing your work! πŸ˜„
        Miss you, and sending good vibes, dear one! My kindness and belief in you that you so praise each time, is nothing but a reflection of how you’ve received my work ever since I started. Wishing you good health!

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      2. Susan is doing well… Thank you for checking! It’s interesting that you have also noticed the difference of writing here lately. It seems many have stopped posting here and are concentrating more in getting their work published in various journals. I also miss those days. Many changes have occurred, not all good changes. Thank you for your kind words. If nothing else, we will always have each other. 😊 Good health to you also!


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