Childhood Memories

A light snow was softly falling
he stuck his tongue out
trying to catch a snowflake
he was reminded of his childhood
building snowmen
ice skating on the pond
sleigh riding on the hill
down to the river
those were good days
good times with good friends

but time progressed and he grew up
catching snowflakes on his tongue
had become a thing of the past
the pond had dried up years ago
his sled stood in a corner of the garage
covered in cobwebs

his life was filled with meetings,
business trips and sleepless nights
he is a husband, a father,
a grandfather and an uncle
his job is to provide for,
take care of and protect
his wife and children

he misses his carefree childhood days
but he smiles as he watches his grandchildren
play in the snow, trying to catch
snowflakes on their tongues
he knew what he had to do
he went to the garage
cleaned up his old sled and said,
β€œCome on kids, let’s go!”

As he watched them
slide down the hill,
for a little while
he was a kid again

~The Tennessee Poet~
Β©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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