Hello Donald

Hello Donald
it’s me again
your conscience

are you almost done sulking?
you really do need to concede
Joe beat you fair and square

you’re hurting the country Donald
by not starting the transition
and trying to overturn the election

but of course you never did care
who you hurt
257,000 dead Americans
because you didn’t do
what needed to be done

you constantly insist that
you won the election
that it was rigged

and your buddy Rudy?
he’s more of a court jester
than he is a lawyer

it’s time to be a man Donald
you lost
it happens
life goes on

you can’t win this battle Donald
you lost

the world is laughing at you Donald
people are disgusted seeing you
on the golf course
while thousands more Americans
die everyday

it’s time to admit Joe won the election
time to let the transition begin
America is tired of you Donald
and so am I

~The Tennessee Poet~
Β©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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