Poetic Locations

A rainbow formed over my poetic chateaus.
It was a beautiful afterglow.
I owned one in Mexico, Idaho, Ohio,
Buffalo, Tokyo, Ontario and one in

Each grew tobacco and tomatoes and
was built on a volcano. The rooms were
brown where we trained the clowns and
stored the crown. Clown suits were all
hand me downs and hung upside down.

Security mannequins were dressed in
buckskins and moccasins. Each had a replica
of Rin-Tin-Tin and looked very masculine as
they played their violins to Stairway To Heaven.

Sometimes when we would arrive, the tomatoes
were horribly overripe. This led to rotten tomato
fights at midnight. If you grew up on a tomato farm
you knew how much fun it was.

I write some of my best poetry when we visit each
chateau. Poetry that is magically magnetic, prophetic
energetic and sympathetic.

Thank you for visiting our humble abode.
Do come again!

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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