I write when …

A lovely poem on why we write by asthaisha 😊

Writing feels good

I write , 
When I don’t feel right , 
When I find myself alone in fight , 
When I want to run from worst situation in my life , 

I write , 
When I disagree from many , 
And I can’t counter any , 
Because I don’t want to become mutiny , 
Or Don’t want to hurt any ,

I write , 
When I stuck in my mind , 
So many thoughts in a line , 
No clue how to get back my peace of mind , 
Writing is the only solution I find , 

I write , 
When I think no one can understand me , 
Lock in a room without key , 
Vehement emotions flow under me , 

I write , 
When surrounded myself with worst past , 
Prevent myself from blast ,
I want this state to surpass , 

I write , 
When I can’t talk with…

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