A Poet’s Day ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

He stood at the edge
Watching the stones he threw
Skim across the lake
His arm isn’t as strong
As it used to be
And the stones don’t skim as far
Be he is enjoying
Just being there at the lake
He has slowly been getting stronger
And is enjoying
Being outside again
He has put away his walker
And now uses his cane
And a walking stick
The physical therapy exercises
He has been doing daily
Have helped his legs and back
His scoliosis will never improve
And he will always
Be bent over somewhat
The cane helps keep him
More upright
And he works hard
To keep his head up
And his back straighter
His COPD makes it
Harder to breathe
But he is still smiling
He is able to do more
Than a week ago and he knows
He will keep improving
Today has been a good day
Tomorrow will be even better

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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