Are We Setting Ourselves Up For Failure ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

When we discover
That we are really one
with the universe
So what?
That’s right, so what?
Are you stronger?
Have we gained
More useful knowledge?
Does music soothe the savage
Beast inside us? Or does it simply
lull us using hypnotic brain waves
to deaden whatever senses we may have left?
Are we setting ourselves up for eternal
constant failure? Will failure be all we ever know?
Will our human spirit realize that a giant hoax
is played on us?
I for one choose to live and grow stronger and smarter.

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

9 thoughts on “Are We Setting Ourselves Up For Failure ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

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  1. Your words have reminded of an
    Eddie Noack song (that Dylan does
    a wonderful version of) …

    These hands ain’t the hands
    of a gentleman,
    These hands are calloused
    and old.
    These hands raised a family;
    these hands raised a home.
    Now these hands
    raise to pray the Lord.
    These hands won the heart
    of my loved one,
    And with hers
    they were never alone.
    If these hands filled their task,
    Then what more could one ask?
    For these fingers have worked
    to the bone.
    Now don’t try to judge me
    by what you’d like to be,
    For my life ain’t been
    much success.
    While some hands have power,
    but still they grieve
    While these hands
    brought me happiness.
    Now I’m tired and I’m old
    and I ain’t got much gold;
    Maybe things ain’t been all
    that I planned.
    God above, hear my plea,
    when it’s time to judge me
    Take a look
    at these hard-workin’ hands.

    ~ Eddie Noack

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