Mountain Poetry ~ Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

I’ve always lived in or near the mountains
Mountains create their own poetry
Just by the scenery
The rivers and streams
All the different animals
The rock formations
The trees and other plant life
Mountain sounds are incredible
From the softly flowing waters in the brooks
To the rapidly flowing waterfalls further up
The wind through the different tree branches
Creates its own symphony
While the cry of the loons and eagles break the silence
As darkness approaches
The smaller night creatures scurry about
Gathering food before the arrival of the night predators
Each sound signals work being done
Hunting animals start laying their traps
The mountain becomes a flurry of activity
Each creating food for tomorrow
Or a safe resting place for the evening
It’s time for the Mountain Poetry to begin
So sit back and enjoy!

~The Tennessee Poet~
©Walt Page 2020 All Rights Reserved

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