I’m Doomed ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

On nights like this
The clock is my enemy
Constantly reminding me
That I’m still awake
And still hurting
Sleep only comes
In short little bursts
Like lines of poetry
A few words here
Five minutes of sleep there
My mind goes into creative overload
A few words here, a few words there
Trying to match the rhythm of a poem
With the rhythm of the clock
It never works
The clock always wins
Always reminding me
That I’m still awake
And still in pain
So I remove the clock battery
No sound from the clock
Only the faucet dripping in the sink
I’m doomed

~The Tennessee Poet~
Β Β©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

51 thoughts on “I’m Doomed ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

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  1. Hi, Walt…almost 4 am here and I am awake.
    Just don’t worry about the clock or what time it is. Your inner clock is different from the one man made. Self-care for the pain, best you can. Oh, I wish you weren’t in pain.

    Regarding the poem…I liked it very much and can relate!! You have a way of making your poetry so relatable, even for those who aren’t having the experience, they can easily understand.

    Hoping you get some rest soon and some relief…in the meantime, let poetry be the Balm of Gilead.

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      1. I totally get it. My sleep cycle just it is what it is. And it’s funny sometimes up up at night and wonder if anyone else is awake and then I see that you have posted a new poem and I think yep Walt is awake! LOL and I had just used the gospel song about the balm of Gilead in a scene I was writing for my book so it was fresh on my mind.

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  2. Nothing worse than hearing a dripping faucet at night. I did alright last night, but feel the need for a pain pill before I try to sleep tonight. It takes the edge off the pain and usually will make me tired enough to sleep. I wish I could take your pain away for you. We are just tougher than those who don’t understand.


      1. I am glad your doctor is increasing the number for you. So many people I know with chronic pain are having their dose cut down or out completely. Sending (((HUGS))) and prayers for less pain my friend.

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