The Beauty or the Beast?

A powerful piece to make us think…

the girl next door

We are a generation of broken people.

Confused to our cores and crazy to the tee.

We are not sure if we are different or if we all are the same.

Are we meant to live or are we destined to die

Are we energy or are we matter

Oh these questions trouble us

Stooped in our phones we all are trying to look for answers on the web.

20 million hits for every question and yet we are confused.

Every moment of the perceived time we live in; we are getting closer to something, we are drifting further from something.

We are always looking for something and yet not seeing

Is that why the chaos, confusion, difference or is it indifference?, or shall we say an eternity spent searching?

There is no start, there is no end. You are here now, you will be gone next.

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