Do not go gentle into that good night

This is a wonderful article on the classic poem by Dylan Thomas. An excellent read!

Solitary Wanderer

Do not go gentle in to that good night is a poem by Dylan Thomas. It is the first and only poem that I have read on this topic of old age and death where the old are asked to rebel and revolt against the impending death. All others including my feeble attempts on this topic ask to embrace the eventuality. This poem is a stark contrast to it. If I remember correctly this poem is mentioned on the movie ‘Interstellar’ by Christopher Nolan.

Another unique feature is that the poem is written as a Villanelle (or Villanesque). It is a very unique structure and it will be explained later in the post. First let us grasp the magic, the poem is given below, followed by a brief paraphrase and discussion of the Villanesque form. Much of the material of this post is taken from other posts.

Do not go…

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