A Place For Old Poets ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

There’s a place for old poets like me
Poets who always carry a notebook
Who fill the Notes app on their phone
Who have Post It Notes all over
Notes filled with ideas
Possible poem titles
Poets who find inspiration in nature
In music and art, darkness and light
In love, romance and fantasy
Poets who enjoy poetry
And the work of other poets
That place is wherever we are
Wherever there is paper and pen
So that we can write

~The Tennessee Poet~

Β©Walt Page 2019 All Rights Reserved

51 thoughts on “A Place For Old Poets ~ A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

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      1. You are so welcome, Walt. πŸ™‚ You’re such a talented poet and I’m always honor to read your work. πŸ™‚

        P.S I got a new poem posted. Now, bear in mind when you read it…you’ll find 3 repeated words that may come off as unusual. And one word that you might find a bit familiar. πŸ™‚

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  1. Yes Walt, I’ve had two smart phones
    that got fried, and then died. As I was
    dumb enough to trust in technology,
    instead of the old reliable quill and
    parchment, everything stirring in the
    basement got lost.
    (If I keep grumbling about it . . .
    perhaps I’ll qualify as an old poet?)

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