The Poetic Beat – A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

There is poetry in a drum solo
The rhythm and the meter are solid
If you listen closely you can hear it
Each tap of a drumstick creates a tone
Always different, yet always the same
Krupa knew it, Bonzo knew it
Buddy Rich knew it
Neil Peart knows it
Drums can be tuned
A good drummer can make his drums sing
So many different sounds
All coming together to create music
The art of drumming creating poetry
I am a drummer and a poet
I create poetry with my words
And with my drumsticks

~The Tennessee Poet~
ยฉWalt Page 2018 All Rights Reserved


33 thoughts on “The Poetic Beat – A Poem By Walt Page, The Tennessee Poet

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      1. Of course it is! Music is art and drumming is music! It isnโ€™t just technique but also the finesse and passion – drummers get no love on the stage since they are usually hidden in the back, but watching them at their craft is like watching Pollock at the canvas! Just my humble opinion.

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  1. So cool to know this tidbit about you, Walt! The drums done right in music is some of the best music I enjoy. I was introduced to Buddy Rich when I was 16 by my boyfriend who was also a drummer. I love the drums! And I’ve passed that onto my eldest son too who is a drummer, not professionally but he enjoys his drum time.

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